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CULTURE > practical intelligence; conscious creativity; design excellence; authentic concepts. PHILOSOPHY > dream big; love; enjoy life; create; inspire others; smile; be authentic; design your own blueprint.


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We love these mythical dream creations by Adele Enersen. The clever mum started a blog with the dreamscapes featuring daughter Mila, and the concept has grown into a published book. 

Seek the simplicity and complexity of nature. Find inspiration there.

Alexey Kurbatov — Moscow, Russia

We love this Artist!!! 

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Where do you escape to in your imagination? Paris, Rome or San Francisco.

We’re all for recycling shopping bags, and honestly, how could you throw these clever European designs away! What a wonderful sense of humour!

Sometimes it seems as though not a moment has moved, but then you look up and you’re already old or you already have a household of kids or you look down and see your feet are miles and miles away from the rest of you—and you realize you’ve grown up.

Jacqueline Woodson, Between Madison and Palmetto (via creatingaquietmind)

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Every woman should own a red umbrella and a red dress! 


Andre Kohn

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Helix | Watercolor | 2011

Jacob van Loon

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The TMS team wishes you a merry Christmas via another exceptional corporate Christmas card.

What are you thankful for?

We’re grateful for the creative folk that inspire us, keep us feeling brave, bold, colourful and capable of making a living our of what we love to do. So we are thankful for you! 




Sometimes complexities, when put into a framework, chart or infographic become pretty simple. I love how being happy is simple.

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With the first hint of summer fragrance on the air and decorations already in the stores, we’re getting nostalgic over the fast approaching silly season. Here Rubyandjoy captures Christmas in timeless elegance. This stunning card goes much further than wishing one a ‘Merry Christmas’, with an eloquent tale inside it brings reverie and enchantment.

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